About Bevy

Connected initially by pure chance, Bevy founders Amber Eyre and Bronwyn Jahnke quickly realised a shared passion for showing up in the world as the best version of themselves.

A strong friendship was cemented, as they supported each other through life and dreamt of one day working together on a project to support other women with their well-being

In 2020 both ladies experienced big losses in their lives. Amber’s family dynamic significantly changed and Bronwyn’s brother died after an aggressive battle with bowel cancer. Life suddenly looked different for them both and they knew the time was now for them to lean into their passion and support others.

In an increasingly disconnected and demanding world – the deep need for a safe, accessible environment for growth and self-care was obvious. In 2021, they created an inclusive space where women feel valued, and can grow and invest in themselves.

Bevy was born.

Supporting women to be the best ever versions of themselves (whatever that looks or feels like) is a dream come true for this duo.

They’re far too humble to say so themselves, but they’re the kind of women that you want in your corner. Strong, successful and driven, sure. But also intuitive, empathetic, honest and beyond all: real. There’s always a laugh to be had and a genuine curiosity to learn and share.

Amber and Bronwyn have put together Bevy for you. For you to prioritise yourself, your self-care and your personal growth.

When you join Bevy you won’t find any judgement, smugness, or pressure. We all live busy lives, and none of us are perfect. But what you will find is a deep recognition that you are not on this journey alone, you are well supported physically, mentally and emotionally with an abundance of self-care resources and a community of caring women where and when you need it.

Amber and Bronwyn love the positive impact and joy Bevy brings to members and look forward to welcoming you too.

Amber Eyre

Bevy Co-Founder

Amber, a mother to four gorgeous young boys, has an impressive career behind her building and developing large teams. 

Since the birth of her first child, she’s owned her own businesses to work around her busy family. 

Always determined to show up for herself, her boys and for those around her in a way she is proud of, it was stepping into her fourth decade that saw an even greater focus to invest in herself so she could then invest in others. 

Daily you will find her running, involved heavily within her local community and enjoying a good laugh with those around her.  She has a strong passion to help others, specifically women, realise their value, identify their dreams and put the work in to achieve them. 

Bronwyn Jahnke

Bevy Co-Founder

Bronwyn, a wife and mother to five (in total) beautiful children, has spent much of her career in the health and wellness sector.

With a strong passion to have a positive and lasting impact on those she meets, she looks daily at how she can make a difference in the moments, days and lives of others. Wearing many hats (owner of multiple businesses, advocate for healthy physical and mental wellbeing and a children’s book author just to mention a few), she is a woman constantly on the go and always with a smile or laugh to go with it.   

Anna Holmes

Functional Nutritional Therapy Practioner

A wife and mother to three busy, gorgeous boys  – Anna is passionate about investing in women and fostering a space to encourage and help each other along, so that we can all be the best versions of ourselves.

– Qualified Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (FNTP)


Freda Wells

Yoga Teacher 200 RYT
Freda is the mother to a gorgeous five-year-old boy and during the day works as a communications manager. She has a degree in both psychology and French, and since discovering yoga 25 years ago, has found it a powerful tool for healing. She is passionate about regular practice for its many positive health benefits on all levels: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

She loves sharing the benefits she receives from yoga with others and empowering them to cultivate their own practice.  With yoga, like in life, the journey is the destination.

Jenny Henderson

Personal Trainer

Jenny is a wife and mother to two and a huge advocate for functional fitness. As a big believer in the benefits of core strength and stability work and as a scoliosis warrior (choosing not to suffer it) core work has been vital to her postural alignment and pain management. Jenny is a certified Pelvic Floor safe instructor and knows from experience the struggle involved in returning to exercise after having a baby, or being the mum trying to exercise with a toddler in tow.

Alexandra Kellahan

Angelic Reiki Master, Soul Alignment Coach & Cacao
Ceremony Facilitator

Alexandra is a wife and mother of three living the rural dream just out of Wellington. She is a Angelic Reiki Master with a degree in Psychology and Philosophy.

Her driving force in life is to help guide women through meditation, breathwork and energy clearing to allow them to reconnect with their higher self so they can feel empowered and joy from being in alignment with their mind, bodies, and souls once again.

Natasha Jacobs

Personal Trainer

A wife and mother to two young boys Tash’s passion for exercise is knowing that when people stay active through fitness, strength and mobility they have the tools to live happier lives both mentally, physically and spiritually.

Tash specialises in:

– Functional Movement
– Strength
– Elite fitness
– Pre and post natal
– Netball and swimming conditioning